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“Revitin Oral Care Coming This Fall”

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Advanced Dental Science for a Healther Kind of Clean tm

Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives, according to our latest research is the most significant advance in oral health care in over a generation. Unlike other toothpastes, (most of which have a poison warning on the label), Revitin™ is safe enough to ingest and contains no harsh detergents or chemicals.

Revitin™ Oral Therapy works with the natural defenses in the mouth. We like to think of it as a conditioner for the gums, which is especially important these days when so many are using strong chemicals to whiten their teeth. These teeth whitening chemicals, especially when used at home, can cause potential damage to the gums. (After all, everyone who bleaches their hair, conditions it afterwards.)

Our research has shown that the mouth is much like an organic garden, with helpful, friendly bacteria contributing to keeping a balanced and healthy oral environment. And that's what Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives supports – a healthy mouth.

Based on our research and a combined 50 years of clinical dentistry, we developed NuPath® BioActives, a patented* and proprietary blend of antioxidants, micronutrients, herbal extracts and homeopathic salts that have been formulated to support the ecosystem of the mouth. Many patients who find regular toothpaste too harsh to use due to mouth sores or other uncomfortable oral conditions have discovered that Revitin™ Oral Therapy is the only dentifrice they can comfortably tolerate. It leaves teeth feeling squeaky clean in the morning, even if brushed the night before.

* Revitin with NuPath® Bioactives is covered by one or more US or foreign Patents and Patent Applications, including US Patent 6,503,483.