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About The Independent Pharmacy Directory

Our Purpose is the most comprehensive directory of Independent Pharmacies on the web. We'll help you find an Independent Pharmacy in your community. To contact us directly, click here.

We'll help you locate an Independent Pharmacy who will provide the care and attention that you deserve. Please use our website to help you find a nearby Independent Pharmacy with the highest levels of expertise, a great selection of services and affordable prices. Subscribe to our RSS feed and keep up to date with promotions, specials, and bargains.

Our Mission

The Independent Pharmacy Directory was created to help promote awareness and utilization of independent pharmacies across the United States. As the major chains have grown in size and number of locations they have often hurt the independent pharmacies and in many locations independent have closed their doors.

The Independent Pharmacy Directory is dedicated to the growth of independent pharmacies. We want to see small business of all kind succeed and we have created this directory to help consumers find local independent pharmacies.

In support of our goals we have made it possible for the pharmacy owner to create a new free listing or claim an existing one. There are several features built into the free listings allowing consumers to rate pharmacies or share individual listings on social media. The free listing also allows the pharmacy owner to add a description of the pharmacy including services offered and publish address and phone number.

As a result, this directory can be used by consumers to find a pharmacy. It can also be used by pharmacy owners to help promote their stores. If you are a supporter of independent pharmacy please share this page with anyone who may share your support. If you have any questions or comments please contact us here.