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We are hundreds of thousands of people using the cooperative business model to provide nourishing food for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the next generation., Bloomington, IN


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Bloomington, IN 47407

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About Cooperative Grocer Network

Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) is a nonprofit, 501(c) 6 trade association intent on strengthening all retail food co-ops by a creating a community of cooperators who can develop and share their best resources and practices.

CGN provides an ongoing dynamic learning and networking experience that strives to build on the NCBA-organized in-person conference, CCMA, the annual meeting of the Consumer Cooperative Management Association. We provide an online place for peer support, such as that gained through gatherings such as NCG's Marketing Matters, Tech Connect, and Convergence. As new co-ops get up and running, we offer a place for them to gain insights every day, based on the experience of established stores.

We strive to work with all of the organizations, both cooperative and non-profit, dedicated to strengthening the food co-op sector. Ours is a communication platform broadcasting the good news about what we do in our stores, offering a long-distance handshake and a route to enduring relationships with others committed to the same cause.


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