Fluoride, Is It Toxic? New Studies Say Yes!

Scientific Studies Show Fluoride is Toxic

As Americans, we come into contact with fluoride every day of our lives. In fact, you could say it's practically unavoidable as most states include it their drinking water. While this chemical - first added to American drinking water in the mid-20th century- was initially introduced to the population in hopes of reducing tooth decay, research now says that the chemical known as sodium fluoride (which happens to be found in most toothpaste brands as well) is poisonous.

While many dentists and oral healthcare professionals still endorse fluoride and insist the chemical ingredient is relatively harmless and proficient in fighting tooth decay, others would argue the danger of fluoride has already been proven. And, they may have a point.

Since 1997, the FDA has mandated that all toothpaste containing sodium fluoride must issue a poison warning on their boxes. According to the FDA, the amount of sodium fluoride found in one tube of the most popular brands of toothpaste is enough to kill two children if ingested. Surely, something deemed "safe" to consume shouldn't be capable of killing two adolescents, especially when that amount of lethality can fit inside a standard toothpaste tube.

Dr. Bill Osmunson, A Fierce Opponent to Sodium Fluoride and Fluoridation

Dr. Bill Osmunson is a staunch supporter of fluoride opposition in the US - And, with 30-years of dentistry and a master's degree in public health, I'd say it's safe to say the doctor knows his stuff. 

 So, What Does Dr. Bill have to Say About Sodium Fluoride? As it turns out...a lot.

He says," I was certain fluoride was beneficial. I could see it in my patients' teeth. I was just absolutely certain that it was. When you have a tooth that's really hard and shiny and looking good, and no decay, that's the one that's had fluoride, right? Well, I found out I was wrong."

Dr. Bill explained he initially thought he saw the positive effects of fluoride in his patients. The 30-year dentistry veteran then realized he mistook a person's high place in a socioeconomic bracket and positive eating habits for beneficial effects caused by fluoridation.

"People who are eating better, they have better teeth. I was looking at it and guessing, "well, this person is benefiting from fluoride" when they really weren't."

This revelation then prompted Dr. Osmunson to do additional research on the effects of fluoride. The more research he conducted, the more he was astonished to find that fluoride was not only ineffective in treating tooth decay, it was also poisonous.

"I was looking down at this basket of Crest toothpaste and said, okay Bill, you're a nutritionist. You got your Masters in Public Health in Nutrition. What does it say?

So I reached down and read the label on it: "Keep out of the reach of children under six years of age." Okay, that sounds reasonable. "Adults, apply a pea sized amount"… and "Contact poison control center if you swallow"…

As it turns out, the recommendation of only using a pea-sized amount of sodium fluoride-rich toothpaste is wrong - the doctor found that it's more along the lines of a half a pea-sized amount. So, with the FDA's recommended amount, a person using half a pea-sized drop of toothpaste should be able to use that same tube of toothpaste for several years. Obviously, virtually all of us use A LOT more than that, an amount that is concerning the fluoride opposition like Dr. Osmunson.

Are You Using Toothpaste That Contains Fluoride? If So, Make The Switch To A Safer, More Effective Option

Around 75% of America ingests fluoride each day. With experts and Doctors like Bill Osmunson urging the public to stop using sodium fluoride, maybe we (the American public) should start taking heed to their warnings. While Dr. Bill urges that, "America needs to change its policies regarding putting sodium fluoride in our drinking and bathing water," he says that first, we need to stop using it in our toothpaste.

Cristopher Rogers
Cristopher Rogers
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